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DeLaval participates in artificial intelligence exhibit at Embassy of Sweden.

How Sweden Is Putting AI to Good Use

WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 27, 2024 – DeLaval, the Sweden-based leader in global dairy farming solutions, has been invited to share its farm management tool using artificial intelligence (AI), DeLaval Plus Behavior Analysis, in the U.S. Embassy of Sweden’s new exhibition, Artificial Intelligence IRL: How Sweden Is Putting AI to Good Use.

In the exhibition, selected Swedish companies and organizations are showcasing agriculture-related products and services that use AI to create real-life benefits. The display is available for public viewing now through June 2025 at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C.

“I believe that AI will have a profound impact on our society,” said Urban Ahlin, ambassador of Sweden to the United States, in a recent media announcement. “This exhibition will show examples of how AI is put to good use. But naturally, with a powerful ability like AI, there are also risks involved that we should be aware of. With this exhibition, we invite visitors to reflect on the role of AI in our future society.”

DeLaval’s segment of the AI feature highlights Behavior Analysis, the company’s new data sensor solution using AI technology to alert farmers to health events, like heat detection and the onset of illness. It can also pinpoint a cow’s location in the barn making it fast and easy for farmers to find cows that need attention. Behavior Analysis, powered by DeepBlue, DeLaval’s deep learning technology, delivers real-time cow behavior information to the farmer and provides a solution for farmers seeking labor efficiencies and enhanced reproductive outcomes.

“AI technology is allowing dairy producers to make data-driven decisions to sustainably produce more milk while prioritizing animal health,” said Fernando Cuccioli, executive vice president, cluster Americas at DeLaval. “It is a remarkable advancement for our industry that allows producers to manage herd health in real time from their devices and relieves labor-strained operations. DeLaval is proud to showcase its Swedish roots and AI advancements through the exhibit in Washington, D.C.”

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