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Considering Cow Monitoring?

Experience the AfiCollar Difference

More Profitable Decisions with Insights for Every Cow

Easily Detect Cows in Heat

With accurate heat detection from Afimilk, you can identify the optimal time for insemination to help increase your herd's pregnancy rates. More efficient fertility management ultimately means higher productivity.

Spot Rumination and Eating Changes

By monitoring eating and rumination, AfiCollar alerts you to behavior changes (at the individual and herd level) so you can investigate the cause before problems escalate.

Leverage Early Insights to Proactively Support Cow Health

AfiCollar identifies illness or discomfort in your herd quickly, allowing you to address potential issues before they escalate. Real-time health detection helps you proactively support health and well-being for optimal productivity.

Our Goal is to Help Dairy Farmers Optimize Their Operations


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