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OptiDuo, Calf Feeder & Kid Feeder Systems

Experts in automated farm/herd feeding systems

DeLaval OptiDuo™

Don’t just push feed, remix it with DeLaval OptiDuo™. Instead of compressing feed, we remix it - making it much more appetising for cows. Ideal for farms operating a once-a-day feeding frequency

OptiDuo Feed Mixer

DeLaval calf feeder

Effective calf feeding and related management can minimise future herd health problems, lower costs, maximise income and create a stable basis for the growth of your business. The optimal approach is to feed your calves often, with small individually adapted portions. This method allows the calves to properly digest their feed, promotes good growth and limits feed wastage.

Calf Feeder

DeLaval kid feeder

With this feeder, you can save hours a day freeing you from the time-consuming task of hand-feeding. It also allows the animals to eat whenever they want. This reduces the risk of gorge feeding and bloating, resulting in better milk absorption and higher daily gains. The feeder can rear up to 240 animals, depending on the number of teats used and station type.

Kid Feeder

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