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DeLaval cubicle

DeLaval cubicle systems

Your cow needs enough space to safely lie down, rest and rise in the stall. To help ensure her positive development, it is essential to house her in hygienic, dry, welldesigned stalls with comfortable dividers. In a modern dairy operation a lot of attention is given to young stock and their housing.

DeLaval brisket board BB100

A soft, plastic arch with gentle curves allows the cow to step forward on rising and to extend their legs naturally when lying down, without moving too far forward in the resting area. Made in durable polypropylene, it is light weight, easy to handle and simple to install between the freestall dividers

Cow Cubicles

Flexible front and neck band

The flexible band is a soft way to guide the cow in the freestall. Due to the material flexibility of this solution, the cows feel more comfortable and rise up with ease. The same flexible band can be used at the front to prevent cows from exiting the area at the front end.

Cow Cubicles

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