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Delaval TSR

DeLaval teat spray robot

DeLaval teat spray robot TSR automates the benefits of pre and post teat spray application, maintaining cow health while reducing labor and improving cash flow. TSR provides an accurate, optimal and consistent method for applying teat spray before and after milking.

  • Cuts labour costs dramatically for quick ROI

  • Consistent and accurate application

  • Optimized consumption of teat spray and high precision of the spray activity

  • Pre and post spray applications available

  • Capacity of up to 7 seconds per cow or 514 cows per hour

Cow Teat Sprayer

Intelligent application

Using DeLaval InSight™ camera technology on a robotic arm, DeLaval TSR accurately locates and sprays each cow's teats helping reduce the risk of infection.

  • Superior teat identification
  • 99% teat spray accuracy
  • 6 available spray patterns
Robotic Teat Sprayer

High efficiency

Hours add up quickly for farmers and staff to manually spray teats. The DeLaval TSR improves work efficiency by eliminating pre- and post-dip labor. As a lower monthly investment than an employee, it can improve cash flow immediately.

  • Sprays up to 514 cows per hour
  • 7 seconds per bail
  • 2-year payback
Enhance Milk Quality with Robotic teat Sprayer

Enhance milk quality

TSR sprays teats in exactly the same way each time, ensuring a calm and predictable atmosphere in which cows thrive. It enhances teat health and helps ensure the production of clean, high quality milk by spraying the right amount of teat spray on every teat, every time.

  • Optimal teat dip use
  • Multiple DeLaval-approved teat-spray products to choose from

Smooth, reliable operation

TSR works in-step with your external rotary, offering consistent, accurate coverage. It is equipped with a safety system to help prevent accidents to personnel and livestock. TSR is engineered for harsh working conditions and does not require a connection to the milking system’s management program.


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